We Provide

Data Governance Tools

To Reduce the Risk of Data Breaches

Governing data is critical to cybersecurity, and data and cyber frameworks need to work hand in hand. We can help you design a data governance and cyber security framework. Both can be used to measure the data security posture of your organisation in order to reduce the risk of an insider threat and data breach.


Data Governance Frameworks for SME's


We shall help you design your data Governance framework, establishing policies on how you structure,  manage, maintain update and control your data, ensuring that data integrity remains accurate and consistent across business units.

The process is straightforward


  • Ownership of your data is assigned to key people across business teams, known as ‘data stewards’ and ‘data custodians’

  • Standards are defined with clear KPI’s that link to data usage, security, quality, asset protection, integrity and management of data

  • Polices are imposed, and people are held accountable for their role in protecting data


Cybersecurity Framework for SME's


The NIST Framework developed by National Institute for Standards and Technology in the US, provides a common language and systematic methodology for managing cybersecurity risk. This assessment consists of a number of questions that measure strengths and vulnerabilities within the core areas data proteetion based on your ability to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from a cyber attack.


The results of this assessment will complement your cybersecurity and data risk management program, by identifying where new vulnerabilities in security reside, so you can effectively manage your resources and budget to achieve maximum security levels.​