Universal Data Protection is pleased to confirm that working with The CPD Standard Office, all of our training products for 'Cyber and Data Protection Against Insider Threat' are fully CPD accredited around the world.


We sought this accreditation to add value to specific industry and governing bodies as well as supporting organisations and individuals with their continuous development pathway.

Who needs CPD Points for Cyber and Data Protection Against Insider Threat?

Across many professions, Continued Professional Development commonly known as ‘CPD’ or Continuous Education ‘CE’ in the US, is expected of many individuals in most sectors.

CPD/CE requirements are generally governed by sector-specific professional bodies and regulators, therefore, anyone who works within a sector that is formally regulated such as; approved Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF), Law Society, Architects, Builders, Registered Tax Agents, Financial Conduct Authority, will require their Members to meet certain CPD thresholds each calendar year, and submit online records. However, employers are increasingly expecting their staff to undertake CPD in order to build an educated work culture.

CPD Courses for Cyber and Data Protection Against Insider Threat

With the increased threat of cyber-attacks and strict new laws holding companies accountable for the security of personal information that they hold on employees and clients, extending CPD courses into courses that help to significantly reduce business risk in these areas is critical.

Universal Data Protection provides ‘a first’ in offering a comprehensive suite of eLearning CPD courses specifically designed for ‘Cyber and Data Protection Against Insider Threat’.

The current series consists of:

  1. #1004091 Cyber Security Fundamentals – 13 CPD Points

  2. #1002714 Data Protection Awareness Course for GDPR and DPA18 – 5.5. CPD Points

  3. #1004082 Corporate Workstyles to Improve Relationships and Reduce Insider Threat – 7 CPD Points

Throughout 2020 additional courses to mitigate business risk associated with data loss will be developed.

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