Technology to

Reduce Insider Threat

Do you know who's leaking your data?


When You Focus On Protecting Your Data form an Insider Threat, GDPR Breach Notification Will Not Be An Issue 


We find robust, cost-effective technology solutions that help you safeguard your data from an insider threat. Some of these services are free to use.


We focus on reducing data leakage caused by people who have authorised access to your data including contractors, third-party suppliers and internal employees. Examples include accidental threat (IT not patching software), compromised threat (employees have weak or default passcodes that are available on the dark web) or malicious threat, (sale people stealing your client base or IT sabotaging code).


Solutions Include:


Recommended Technology Solutions Include:


Discovery and Classification of Sensitive Data

Deploys technology that locates sensitive data residing in databases, shared folders and files. The location of this sensitive data is vital to data protection and GDPR compliance. Once located, data can be classified according to its' sensitivity and the required protection level of the data.


Encryption of Files
Files that contain sensitive data should be encrypted; this stops the data from being copied, leaked or stolen by people who have authorised access to the data. The files can only be opened on devices that have an encryption agent installed; therefore, when emails are sent to an external person or application such as Dropbox or Gmail, the file cannot be opened, you can also remotely wipe access to sensitive files.


Visibility and Movement of Data
Enables you to intercept and monitor access, movement and storage of data/files across corporate networks and external hardware, e.g. USB's and third-party applications such as Dropbox, Gmail and Facebook.


Vulnerability Scanning 
Scans the dark web for compromised websites and email/passwords that allow hackers to gain access to your systems. Vulnerabilities cause compromised systems, through insecure web pages, and employees using weak or default passcodes, or using corporate emails on third-party applications.


Phishing and Honeypots
Identifies internal staff who may make errors or participate in malicious activities that cause a threat to your security posture.


We Continuously Search For Data Protection Solutions For SME's, Association and Not for Profit Organisations.


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