CPD Education and Roundable Events

CPD e-Learning to 
Reduce Data Breaches and Insider Threat

We have carefully crafted a series of courses that allow an organisation to reduce the risk of a cyber attack or data breach caused by an accidental or malicious insider threat.


Universal Data Protection provides ‘a first’ in offering a comprehensive suite of eLearning CPD courses specifically designed for ‘Cyber and Data Protection Against Insider Threat’.


The series consists of:

Cyber Security Fundamentals – 13 CPD Points #1004091

Data Protection Awareness Course for GDPR and DPA18 – 5.5. CPD Points #1002714

Corporate Work Styles to Improve Relationships and Reduce Insider Threat – 7 CPD Points #1004082

New Courses in 2020 will include: Insider Threat, Red Flag Behaviour, Australian NDB, California CCPA, Brazilian LGPD.

Designed by Experts in The Field

Courses have been designed by highly experienced professionals who collectively have over 50 plus year’s experience in data management, behaviour change, performance psychology, insider threat and course design, working for companies such as: Cable and Wireless, IBM, Deloitte, Vodafone etc. 


Designed to Maximise Behaviour Change 


We know that changing behaviour is difficult and watching an education video alone is simply not enough. We have carefully crafted each session to incorporate practical application sessions that allow participants to immediately apply the security lessons learnt. 


Content is provided in short bursts with 10 to 20-minute

sessions and includes a process that maximises behaviour

change, after all, you want to get value for money.


Each session includes:

  • Video education

  • Practical application

  • Support materials

  • Quizzes

  • Certificate of completion and CPD Points

Continuous Education with 12 Month Access


Participants have 12 months access to the LMS where we post updates on the latest data and cyber risks.

Flexible Access

Modules can be accessed via UDP's LMS or placed onto your corporate LMS system.

Cost Effective, Flexible Pricing

Prices range from £60.00 to £20.00 per person per stream depending on numbers and access points. We also provide corporate discount, please email for additional information: info@universaldataprotection.com.
Course Content
Cyber Security Fundamentals – 13 CPD Points #1004091


Cyber security training will greatly reduce organisation risk associated with cyber-attacks. This course will help you protect your assets from the bottom up, by ensuring that everyone in your business including contractors and third-parties have been trained in the fundamentals of cyber security and potential attacks, allowing you to develop a security focused culture where everyone is on the same page. 


What you will learn.

  • The threat landscape and what keeps people awake at night

  • Why everyone needs to accept personal responsibility for mitigating cyber threats and the

  • Current trends and the costs to business

  • The different types of threats

  • Motives behind attacks and

  • How criminals steal data

  • How to protect yourself from an attack

  • How to recognise and remove an attack and

  • BYOD and mobile security


Practical Application can include:

  • Using Anti-virus

  • Update Software

  • Popups

  • Downloads

  • Social Media

  • Encrypting Your Data

  • Passwords Phrases And Pins

  • Browser Protection

  • Offsite Backups

  • Working In The Cloud

  • Phishing And Email Scams

  • Online Shopping

  • Public Wi-Fi

  • Cookies and Security Cookies

  • Physical Security Ongoing

Introduction to the Cyber Security Course:










Data Protection Awareness Course for GDPR and DPA18 – 5.5. CPD Points #1002714


Data privacy is becoming business-critical for companies who gather, store or process personal information to support the decisions alongside global regulations and the ethical handling of consumer data.  Educating the entire workforce and supply chain in the fundamentals of GDPR and DPA18 reduces the risk of sensitive data being lost, stolen or damaged from the very people who have authorised access to it.  


What you will learn.


This course will cover video, reading and practical application to ensure everyone is aware of the following:


  • Why new data protection laws have come into place

  • The role of a data processors including transparency, lawfulness and fairness

  • What is data and what is personal data

  • Who owns person data, and protecting your information?

  • What can happen when your data is lost, leaked or stolen

  • Who and what are data subjects

  • People's individual rights 

  • Giving consent for your data to be used in a certain way

  • Processing of personal data

  • Lawful bases for processing

  • Data processors


Corporate Work Styles to Improve Relationships and Reduce Insider Threat – 7 CPD Points #1004082


Insider threats are one of the most costly risk to organisation and the most difficult to uncover. A Malicious Insider Threat can be caused by frustration, anger, boredom, depression, feeling unappreciated. Whereas, an accidental threat can be caused through fatigue, overworked or lack of knowledge or understanding. Therefore, to reduce the risk of such threats, people and relationships are key. 


What you will learn.

  • What influences who you are so you can communicate and motivate others

  • What makes you tick, your values and strengths so you know your motivational drivers

  • How people tick based on their values and needs, what makes them happy and what ticks them off

  • The skills and strengths that people bring to the workplace and how you can tap into these for improved performance

  • What you can do to improve your communication and influence skills when working in a team or leading others

  • Skills that you can develop so that you can communicate effectively with all types of people

  • Managing motivation and conflict of priorities

  • Dealing with negative behaviours and shadow side characteristics

  • Reframing to reduce unease and fatigue in self and others

Executive Roundtable Support Sessions 


These roundtable events educate boards, senior executives, and management in data governance, protection and insider threat. These events address mitigating the risk of data loss and data breaches through:


  • Understanding the need for data governance to protect your data

  • Leading data governance and cybersecurity and data privacy frameworks that link to NIST, Cyber Essential and ASD8 as well as provide an audit and data governance compliance tool

  • Assessing the roles and responsibilities of board members, management, workforce and third-party partners that have access to your data and can, therefore, become a threat should they accidentally or malicious leak, copy or destroy the data

  • Applying Governance Policy to ensure minimum exposure for your organisation and yourself

Introduction to Universal Data Protection
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