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'We live and breathe data management, it's simply our passion'

When data governance sits alongside cyber and data security, you have peace of mind that you are protecting your business from both external attacks and insider threats.

Our services include: process, people and technology data management solutions.

For an obligation free assessment please contact us to discuss how working together can reduce your business risk of data exposure. 


Data Compliance Is Easy When You Know How To Protect Your Data

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 Compliance to Govern Data
Secure Data Through Education 
Secure Data With Technology

We help you create and enforce a set of rules and policies regarding the efficient management of your data that encompasses: people, process and

 technology to secure your data and comply with data privacy regulations.


The toolbox comes with standard documents, processes and recommendation that can be customised as required.

However, compliance alone is not enough, you need to drive accountability throughout the workforce.


Educating the complete workforce, contractors and third-party suppliers is key to protection of data

CPD e-learning

Cybersecurity, data awareness, stress, fatigue and red flag education to reduce the risk of an insider threat


Content is customised to the education levels of business owners, boards and senior executive teams.

However, education alone is not enough, you will need to use technology to protect data from being lost, stolen or leaked from within the business.



 'People centric technology solutions' that protects data from being lost, stolen or leaked from within the business, including:


 Data risk audits to identify how people current access, store and process data


Classification for the 

monitoring of data to identify risky behaviour


Encryption of data to protect files


Monitoring of Dark web for compromised accounts

Data Protection Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprise

Highly Experienced in Data Governance, Insider Threat and Cultural Change.

Our Experts Are The Finest

The loss of intellectual property, theft of client base or mass exposure of your clients' credentials can be a catastrophe to your business and, with new global data protection laws from GDPR, DPA18, CCPA to the Australian Data Breach Notification Laws, the need to protect your data from damage and exposure has never been greater.


To protect your data, the following questions are the minimum that you need to be able to answer:


  • Where does your critical data reside?

  • Who has access to this data?

  • What damage can be caused to your business, brand and financial position should the data be leaked, lost, stolen or damaged?

  • How can you best protect the data from these threats?

  • Which technologies are you currently using to protect your data from both external hackers and internal threats (employees and partners who have legitimate access to this data)?

  • Have you performed all the audits required to comply with data protection regulations?

  • Do you need to employ a Data Protection Officer to comply with GDPR?

  • Have you identified whom your data controllers consist of?

  • How do you educate and hold data controllers liable for the protection of data?

  • How can you execute your data security policies and procedures across the organisation and with third-party partners?

  • Have you completed a risk assessment?

  • Have you assembled a data breach crisis management team in order to reduce damage, protect personal data from further attacks, protect the brand and return to business as normal?

If You Cannot Confidently Answer These Questions, The Good News Is

You don't have to panic, as we are here to help your organisation understand the actual requirements and remove any myths surrounding data protection. 


Data Security Is Not That Difficult When You Have The Right Data Protection Team Standing By Your Side 

We perform risk audits to isolate and mitigate risk, recommend cost-effective data protection solutions designed for small to the medium enterprise. You can be confident of superior technology with value for money and, if you need to a crisis management team or to employ a Data Protection Officer, we can fulfill this role for a fixed monthly or pay-as-you-use fee.

A Cost And Time Effective Solution That Will Give You Peace Of Mind 



Client Testimonials

Michael Hyatt 
Cyber Indemnity Solutions 

We work closely with UDP to develop e-Learning for data protection and cyber security training, they also helped us commission a comprehensive cyber risk assessment based on the US NIST framework, everything they do help people and business reduce their exposure to risk.

John O'Connor
Simple Truths 

We commissioned a consultancy group to guide us on GDPR and lucky to have found UDP as the advice we were provided was inaccurate. When it comes to data protection and GDPR, these guys know their stuff. What's more, their service is well priced, guidance is clear and they hold us accountable for taking action, they are true partners.  

Janice Wilson
PA Consulting

Talking from an end user perspective they provide an excellent suite of data protection and cyber security courses to help the general public and SME's become aware of 1. How the digital world has changed our exposure to data theft  and, 2. Simple steps to avoid becoming a victim. The courses are well designed, quick to complete, powerful in content and provided me with CPD points, highly recommended.


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We are dedicated to helping small to medium size business and not for profit organisations protect their business from a data breach, by providing free knowledge, resources, and cost effective solutions. 


Please contact me with any questions and I will endeavour to help.


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